Sustainability has been inherent in our processes for decades

Recycling and re-purposing materials is at the heart of the Raphael business model. We’re committed to helping our local Wisconsin communities. We are currently working with Northern Sky Theater in Fish Creek, WI and the Milwaukee County Zoo Forest and Horticulture Department by donating foam that is used for elaborate scenic displays. The rocks above and cake to the right were fabricated out of excess foam materials from Raphael. Instead of heading to the landfill, these materials now have a second life!

Sustainability has been inherent in our processes for decades  - it’s the nature of our business. We decrease manufacturing costs for OEMs by refurbishing parts and enabling them to be re-used.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we are designated as a Small Quantity Generator of Hazardous Materials. We adhere to OSHA regulations and maintain compliance with the EPA. Our wastewater treatment system is compliant with EPA and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District regulations (MMSD).

We are continuously pursuing new ways to improve our sustainability. Our newest initiatives include re-routing portions of our waste streams that go to landfill and upgrading our office and shop lighting to LED lights.

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