Our Work

At Raphael Industries, we specialize in water and solvent based wet spray coatings as well as powder coatings. Check out our work:

Aluminum and Steel Tube Extrusions (Powder Coated)

Coating items with multiple surfaces can be tricky and it’s easy to miss a surface that’s not facing the operator.
Our processes make sure all surfaces are coated with an equal amount of medium- either wet or powder.

Steel Plates and Extrusions (Powder Coated)

Aluminum and steel tube extrusions (powder coated)

Custom Bicycle Frame (Powder Coated)

Bike frames can easily rust if not perfectly coated.

Adaptive Bicycle Frames For Rideshare (Powder Coated)

Precision masking ensures the coating only covers the areas it should.

Aluminum Custom Assembly Kit (Powder Coated)

We set up systems and equipment to facilitate the coating based on the needs of the customer.

Custom Kits (Powder Coated)

Nearly any size and shaped parts can be wet or powder-coated in our expanded facility.

Custom Brackets (Wet Spray Coated)

We can wet spray or powder coat even the smallest manufactured products.

Industrial Product Component (Wet Spray Coated)

Our painters ensure each part looks brand new.

Custom Colored Brackets

Custom color matching allows every piece to be unique to our customers' specifications.