Our Proven Process

FACTOID: Refurbishing medical equipment helps to keep healthcare costs lower.

Our Proven Process Insures Precision Parts Remanufacturing & Refurbishment

At Raphael, our process ensures that your parts are inspected, precision remanufactured and fully compliant with any industry or governmental standards before they are returned to you for reuse. Each part or component assembly is inspected and tested several times on our line, so you can be assured you are getting only the best possible remanufactured solution. Parts that don’t make the cut are sent for recycling so as to comply with your company’s green initiates.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified.

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Customer Data & Reporting

Customer Data And Reporting

Raphael tracks and reports all equipment entering our facility and determines if it will be immediately inventoried or moved to disassembly.

Visual Inspection Icon

Visual Inspection

Each item is visually inspected using a 10-point checklist before it is sorted to be recycled (scrapped) or reused.

Recycle Reuse Icon

Recycle Or Reuse

Parts that can not be reused or refurbished are sorted and sent for recycling. Parts that will be reused are forwarded to our remanufacturing area. The remanufacturing process involves cleaning, painting and returning products to near perfect OEM status. These parts are then moved to the final inspection and testing station.

Inspect & Test Icon

Inspect And Test

All parts that have been remanufactured are precision- inspected and tested for quality. A report is generated providing all test data. Parts that fail their inspection and testing or that have been deemed to be recycled are recycled (scrapped).

Build & Ship Kits Icon

Build And Ship Kits

Many of your remanufactured parts are kitted for easy assembly at your factory and are shipped upon demand.

Components & Inventory Icon

Components And Inventory

Don’t need kits? We can also ship individual components on demand or from our remanufactured parts inventory.