FACTOID: Manufacturing new parts can have an 18 week lead time. Raphael Industries can refurbish parts in as little as one week. Speed wins.

Precision Application of Coatings

We know coatings. From liquid coating to powder coating, we’ve got your product covered. You can always expect your parts and components to look brand new again. 

  • Integrated Coating Processes
    Our remanufacturing projects often have a tie-in coating component, especially when we’re dealing with hazardous materials, like lead. Our painting process is integrated into our remanufacturing process for seamless turnaround times and exceptional results every time.
  • Specialized Services Available
    Including color matching, chemical stripping, grinding, sandblasting, protective masking, and more.
  • Short Run Projects and Prototypes
    Our precision painting is performed both by machine and by hand to ensure the best possible results, depending on the product and materials.
Man Applying Coatings