A Commitment To The Community

FACTOID: Raphael Industries helped customers recover more than 2 million pounds of parts and components last year. That was material that didn’t go into a landfill.

Giving Back

Raphael Industries recognizes the importance of a good education. How else can people learn, grow, and transform their lives if they are unable or unwilling to get an education?

We are proud to work with GPS Education Partners, an organization dedicated to helping local youths gain technical knowledge and skills so they can enter the workforce with hands-on experience. By working with GPS Education Partners we participate in an alternative educational program and sponsor two or three students annually. These students don’t always learn well in a traditional classroom environment, and GPS Education Partners provides a manufacturing oriented pathway for students to complete their high school curriculum while helping to bridge the manufacturing skills gap. GPS Education Partners helps manufacturing and other technical industries bridge the skills gap, while students are opened up to a world of career opportunities. We are proud to support our local communities and young people.